Welcome to Southeastern Felt

Southeastern Felt is a supplier of industrial felts and fabrics and a manufacturer of textile components for a variety of industries.  The company operates from its offices and manufacturing plant located just outside Charlotte, North Carolina.  We have large-in-stock inventories of virtually all styles of felt and industrial fabrics--including pressed wool felts, synthetic needled felts, filter media, foam and foam tapes, decorative colored craft felts--each ready for your specific applications.

We do supply felts and fabrics in bulk (with many, but not all of these materials available through our online store), we provide additional value by fabricating precision components and felt parts in a variety of materials according to specific customer requirements.  In either case, we offer background information and specific technical data for our most commonly requested materials in our 'Product Expertise' section.

Fifty years of fabrication expertise

A variety of equipment, combined with our experienced, highly-trained workforce, ensures that we can handle virtually any required fabrication need.  Whether it is a simple decorative part, or a precision industrial component, the philosophy of Southeastern Felt is simply to put out the best quality product at the most competitive prices with the most timely delivery.  Take a look at our fabrication techniques to see how we can assist you.